Earlier this year when we asked hoteliers what they are reading for their hotel marketing and distribution news, we heard from many about the time it takes to read more than just a small handful of publications each week. Our new weekly round-up blog includes a summary of some of the highlights of last week in the news and out in the field related to marketing, social media, hotel distribution and other hospitality news. Here are just a few of the items from last week that we thought were worth sharing:

Social media
How far should hotels go to please and appease guests? Travelers are using social media to request special treatments and threats to write a bad review.

Article eHotelier

Marketers, keep a close eye on Facebook. The recent changes will make a big impact on brand opportunities and business pages. Hotels will have more of an opportunity to tell a brand story and connect with guests with the Timeline feature:

Article Mashable

What works and doesn’t in social media posting for marketers? This article offers a few useful data-driven takeaways with insights into post-scheduling, hashtag stuffing and more:

Article Social Fresh

Klout has been buzzing around the Web this week. Do marketers need to be concerned with Klout? And we have all seen the word on Twitter…but what is Klout, anyway?

Article CMO Site 

Hospitality Industry
Myths or Facts in Hospitality? Learn about them in Baker’s dozen of reality checks in hospitality.

Article Hotel-Online

Good news! Disproving the face that hospitality companies are slow in adapting technology, Informationweek 500 showed 7 hospitality companies in their 250 listings.

Top 250 Informationweek

Chinese tourists are everywhere and spend far more then people in other emerging markets. The Chinese tourist boom is just beginning.

Article HotelMarketing.com