Each Monday we post a few highlights in marketing, social media, hotel distribution and other news that we think you might want to read. Below are a few articles from last week in the news.


Last week’s news ended on a sad note with the news of the death of Steve Jobs, inspiring many to reflect on Jobs’ impact on technology and the world. One of the best we’ve read was Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ post, a re-publish of his reflections on what he learned from Jobs:

What I Learned From Steve Jobs

View Steve’s TED talk: How to Live Before You Die where Jobs encourage pursuing dreams and living and working to the fullest. If you haven’t seen this, put on your headphones and turn your phone off for the next 20 minutes. It’s worth it.

Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die


Google+ plans to open up to brands this fall. This article addresses the question of what to expect as a brand and how you may soon be able to interact with Google+.

How Brands Will Use Google+

Hotel Marketing

Caroline Cooper tells hotel marketing  to leverage interesting, relevant local events and activities in Give Your Guests a Reason to Stay with You.

Give Your Guests a Reason to Stay With You


What are marketers getting by advertising and creating fan pages on Facebook? Forbes helps brand marketers understand advertising and your brand on the new Facebook.

Facebook Courts Brand Marketers With New Ad Audience Insights

Customer Needs

There may be countless reasons for hotels to charge for wifi, but Tnooz explains that Gen-Y travelers expect free wifi as much as they do fresh air.

Forget Pillow Menus and Hotel Plush Interiors, Gen Y travellers want wifi like fresh air