We hear you: there is a lot of news out there and not a lot of time to get through it.  Every Monday we send you some of the previous week’s articles on marketing, social media, hotel distribution and other hospitality topics that we thought were worth reading. Below are a few highlights from last week in the news:

Revenue Strategy

Planning your budget and looking at 2012? Recession and cut backs dominate today’s news, but the industry outlook remains surprisingly positive. This article looks at what’s on the horizon in hospitality and how to approach your strategy for the coming year:
How to Navigate Your 2012 Revenue Strategy


Get back to basics. Whether you are just setting up a PPC (Pay per Click) ad campaign, or are an experienced veteran, this article offers some useful steps and points to consider that are a good review for any online marketer.
The 4 Pillars of a Successful PPC Campaign


Are you Green? Last week Cornell organized their annual Sustainability Roundtable. Below a summary is given of the topics that have been discussed during this event:
Annual Sustainability Roundtable Wraps Up at Cornell University's Hotel School

Social Media

We have been talking a lot to our customers lately about social media goals and determining whether their efforts are meeting their business needs. This article contents that “Success in social media needs a compelling purpose” – we would agree. This may help give you more food for thought.
Social Media Success is About Purpose (Not Technology)

We like to see our industry being recognized for some of its many marketing successes. This article features a few case studies on hotels whose social media strategies are hitting the mark.
Hotels That Rock at Social Media

Social Business

In continuing to discuss your social media purpose, “social business” goes a step further than just communicating via social media and argues that you should be you taking engagement to a level that achieves your business goals.  IBM is turning itself into a social business and explains 7 reasons why other companies should also do this:
Move Over Social Media; Here Comes Social Business

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