We hear you: there is a lot of news out there and not a lot of time to get through it.  Every Monday we bring you some of the previous week’s interesting articles on marketing, social media, hotel distribution and other hospitality topics that we found to be worth sharing. This article links to a few highlights from last week in the news.


As reviews become more important and potential guests more and more base their decisions on this social media channel, it’s essential to integrate this in your online marketing strategy. The process of getting positive reviews online starts with your own offline operations where you should not forget to listen, engage, act, repeat and notify:
How to Combat Fake Review Optimization in Travel


The article below gives you tips when you decide to focus internationally. Make sure you do concentrate on your target market, the selection of the local search engine, and make sure your content is not poorly translated:
Top 5 Considerations for International SEO

Social Media

One of our favorite social media blogs published a post this week covering the seven top trends in social media. Most of you are probably already familiar with these, but this blog lists the things within the online social space that are occurring right now and in the near future.  We suggest hoteliers keep a close eye on the evolving areas of social mobile, socialization of search, social commerce and global micro niche business:
7 Top Trends in Social Media

Innovations in Travel

At last week’s PhoCusWright event new innovations were presented. For the ones who missed this event Jason Q Freed listed the innovations that left the biggest impression. It is very interesting to see that it is now possible to ask questions during the booking process:
5 Standout Innovations from PhoCusWright


With mobile channels evolving quickly this article recommends you monitor the innovative payment methods that are available. Hoteliers should keep a close eye on the digital wallets that will offer multiple payment technologies:
How Mobile Payments and Digital Wallets Will Open up New Opportunities in Travel

Mobile users are searching for quick information. Therefore it’s important to make sure your website is designed to be mobile friendly by creating only one single column, use bullet points instead of blocks of text and prioritize the content:
How to Optimize Your Mobile Site

*Image source: jeffbullas.com