We hear you: there is a lot of news out there and not a lot of time to get through it.  Every Monday we bring you some of the previous week’s interesting articles on marketing, social media, hotel distribution and other hospitality topics that we found to be worth sharing. This article links to a few highlights from last week in the news.


Did you already think of your mobile strategy for 2012? Get some inspiration by looking at these three successful mobile campaigns, realizing that integrating a mobile strategy will drive customer value. Hoteliers should keep a few things in mind when doing so: plan out your mobile strategies, identify your target audience, deliver several mobile tactics, and employ connected customer relationship marketing:
The Best Mobile Campaigns of 2011

Social Media Strategy

What are the things that you’re still missing in your social media strategy? A few handy tips are listed in the following two articles, but the points we want to highlight are: to prioritize your social media channels on your website to what’s most important; to measure and monitor your social media results; and to define your social identity:
Top 10 Things You Didn’t Consider When Developing Your Social Media Strategy 

10 Key Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Hotel Distribution Landscape

The hotel distribution landscape has dramatically changed over the years. Mobile, search, social media and global demand are key topics that should be taken into account in order for hoteliers to keep up with the pace of change:
Navigating the Hotel Distribution Landscape

Hotel Technology Landscape

A discussion at a conference in the US brought up the seven tech-issues that hoteliers are facing. More and more hoteliers should consider connectivity with different devices such as tablets and smart phones, as guests are bringing their own content and want to view this in their room. This article will also leave you with some advice on PCI compliance, including maintaining separation of guest and employee networks:
7 Tech Issues That Keep Your GM up at Night


Facebook has become a channel where hotels cannot only talk to their guests directly, but also enable them to book a hotel room directly via this social medium. In order to really take advantage of the role of travel concierge through Facebook, hotels should make sure they really engage their guests by responding to questions, comments, and complaints, provide relevant travel information, and make it easy for the guests to book a room via Facebook itself, without leaving the page:
At Your Service: Facebook Takes on Role of Travel Concierge