2012 is already off to a busy start.  To help you  keep up with all the news we will continue to publish our weekly roundup blog every Monday to share last week’s interesting articles and blogs on marketing, social media, hotel distribution and other hospitality topics. Below we listed a few highlights from last week’s news that we found worth sharing.

Social Media

2011 was already the year of social networks, but how can you proceed with your social media strategy in 2012? Brian Solis gives some tips on how to succeed in the coming year.  Very important, also for hoteliers, is to understand how and why technology is influencing consumers’ behavior and to understand how these social channels can be a meaningful opportunity for you and for your consumers to connect:
Ten Social Media Strategies to Define a Successful 2012


As you might have noticed Sabre Hospitality Solutions is taking sustainability very seriously. The below article teaches us that the major trends of transparency, global consistency, public/private collaboration and the focus on solar energy are shaping the sustainability development movement:
Four Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2012


Today tablets are quickly getting more popular and hoteliers can utilize these devices to interact with their guests. The tablets can be used to enhance the check-in process, to provide in-room amenities such as temperature and light, and to improve customer service by displaying your menu or concierge services:
How Hotels Can Embrace the Tablet Trend


After Google’s announcement last week about the merging of Google+ into organic Google search results it became important for hoteliers to look at the way how to approach this fairly new social media channel. The below article suggests building a business page on this medium so it can positively impact your rankings in the search engine:
What Hotels Should Do With Google+ and Why It Matters