Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hotel Level Workstation Requirements

  • Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 (or greater) or, Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 (or greater) or Windows 7
  • 4GB+ RAM
  • 1GHz Processor (32bit or 64bit) or greater
  • 1GB+ Available hard disk space
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0
  • Internet Explorer 9, or Firefox 4.0 must be set as the default browser on your system
  • Screen Resolution should be set to at least 1024x768
  • To save/view reports, Acrobat 9 or higher (or other compatible PDF reader)

USB Credit Card Readers - Keyboard Emulation Software Interface (one for each front office workstation)

Note: If your hotel accepts credit cards for payment, Shift4 credit card processing is a requirement with SynXis PM.

CRS Interfaces

Central Reservation Systems (CRS):

  • InnLink Central Reservation System
  • SynXis Central Reservation System

For availability information on other third party interfaces, please contact:SHSSalesRequest@sabre.com

Network Requirements

A dedicated internet service provider is required (Your existing network provider can be used as a backup connection)

4 Workstations or Less:

  • Router - Linksys RV042

Sample dedicated bandwidth recommendations:

Cox: 10Mbps download - 1.0Mbps upload (Minimum)
12Mbps download - 1.0Mbps upload
Comcast: 6Mbps download - 1.0Mbps upload (Minimum)
Qwest (DSL): 7Mbps download - 1.0Mbps upload (Minimum)
12Mbps download - 1.5Mbps upload
AT&T: 6Mbps download - 768Kbps upload (Minimum)

4-8 Workstations:

  • Router - Linksys RV082

Sample dedicated bandwidth recommendations:

Cox: 12Mbps download - 1.5Mbps upload (Minimum)
15Mbps download - 2.0Mbps upload
Comcast: 16Mbps download - 1.0Mbps upload (Minimum)
Qwest (DSL): 12Mbps download - 1.5Mbps upload (Minimum)
20Mbps download - 2.0Mbps upload
AT&T: 6Mbps download - 768Kbps upload (Minimum)

For more information about StayMgr, contact SHSSalesRequest@sabre.com

We consider Sabre Hospitality Solutions’ competitive edge to be providing a superior user interface both for customers and hotel users with multi-language selections, improved pricing functionality and seamless integration to other property systems.

Hitoshi Fujisaki, Senior Corporate Executive Officer, Sales & Marketing for JAL Hotels