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Millennials De-Mystified: Who They Are, How They Shop, Why They Book

Millennials have quickly emerged as the largest travel segment, and are causing major shifts in hospitality trends, yet it is still unclear what needs to be done to earn Millennial loyalty.This report is based on surveys taken from actual Millennial travelers and booking data from thousands of hotel properties worldwide. Get the e-book.

Consumer Mega-Trends Impacting Hospitality

Hoteliers may be able to pinpoint market and performance data, but it's much more challenging to track consumer trends. This bespoke report identifies six trends that reveal what consumers will want next, and presents hoteliers with actionable innovation opportunities in 2016. Explore the trends.

Customer Experience in Hospitality: Embrace Data and Elevate the Guest Experience

Customer Experience in Hospitality: Embrace Data and Elevate the Guest Experience
To better understand the need for the hospitality industry to become customer-obsessed and increase loyalty from travelers, Sabre Hospitality commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct research on customer expectations and a hotel's ability to deliver on those expectations.

This report delivers key insights into how your hotel brand can become customer-obsessed, build retention and generate loyalty that drives revenue. Read More

The Future of Hotel BookingThe Future of Hotel Booking Sabre's report, The Future of Hotel Booking - A Guide to Hotel Retailing, explores recent technological innovations within retail, tech, media and travel industries and offers practical, actionable recommendations to help hotels apply these practices to a successful retailing strategy. The report identifies 10 distinct trends powered by technology within three key focus areas - World as Media, Intimate Intelligence and Instant Service - and examines the applications to the hospitality industry. Read More.

Sabre Hospitality Study Finds Relationship Between Central Reservation System Training and Hotel Production

"We selected Sabre for their leading distribution technology, but in particular for their experience in the area of increasing hotels and chains' exposure via electronic channels and over the last several months have watched our GDS productivity across our group increase!"

Tara Fox, Sales Executive - OTA, Scenic Hotel Group