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3 Easy Hotel Retailing Resolutions You Can Stick to in 2015

As the New Year resolutions, predictions and trends stream in and you try to figure out what to follow – we want to provide some hotel retailing resolutions you can quickly implement to stay ahead.

Paolo Torchio our VP of Product Management shared his predictions in Leonardo's Show, Share, Stand Out: The Most Important Hotel Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015. Paolo recommends 3 easy to implement, but sometimes overlooked, retailing strategies that will make you stand out from the competition:

  1. Engaging descriptions – don't settle for the basics. Tell the story of your hotel. Every one of your properties has its own unique selling point. Be descriptive in the amenities you offer, describe your location and proximity to landmarks and be sure to provide a local insight. Your user generated reviews are a great place to look for the things your guests really like about your property or mention regarding your location. Look for these trends and highlight them in your property descriptive content.
  2. Enticing visual content – visual storytelling enables you to capture and engage guests. Through enticing images inspire future guests and paint a complete picture of the experience you will offer. Be sure to include images that highlight all features of your property and its surroundings. This is another opportunity to leverage what guests have mentioned in reviews or have reported to your staff. Talk to the guest service staff to find out what common questions they are asked about the local area and highlight these things.
  3. User reviews – sharing stories is what makes content. User reviews are part of the story, communicating and sharing the value you provide your guests. Creating relevant content is a challenge! But through user reviews, social media and additional channels you have the opportunity to engage with guests demonstrating you are present and relevant. Leverage the syndication opportunities of social media channels to broadcast your message beyond your primary online presence (your website).

As the year advances we hope you stick to your hotel retailing resolutions, keep your momentum and adhere to your long term growth plans. For more insight on visual storytelling be sure to download Leonardo's free eBook. #LeoeBook

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Author: Karla Fonseca, Marketing Manager

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