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6 questions to ask before investing in a property management system

You’re probably familiar with the saying, "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Good advance planning is critical for business success. While it’s possible to overthink and overanalyze any business decision, when it comes to a technology investment, hoteliers need to think well beyond the status quo and consider a wide range of use cases and possibilities.

After all, investing in a property management system means forming a partnership with a provider, one that will most likely last for years. Before your hotel invests in new technology, especially for such a critical business need, there are some questions you need to consider.

Sabre underwrote The 2016 Smart Decision Guide™ to Hotel Property Management Systems to aid hoteliers in choosing the right platform and partner. To make things even more accessible, we’ve broken down the six key questions hoteliers must ask themselves to better understand what the current generation of hotel PMS solutions can do to optimize operations.

6 Must Ask Questions - infographic

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Every hotel is unique - but no matter the size of your property or chain, your PMS must be easy to use, easy to integrate and able to meet your hotel’s needs right out of the box.

Use these questions to guide your decision-making process, and for more a more in-depth look at what today’s solutions can offer, download your free copy of The 2016 Smart Decision Guide™ to Hotel Property Management Systems to learn what hoteliers should keep in mind as they look to the future of hospitality technology.

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Tom Winrow
Director, Product Management
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