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Boost Your Google Ranking with New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Did your hotel survive #Mobilegeddon? On April 21st, Google launched what is expected to be one of its most impactful updates in recent history. As is the case with most tweaks to the algorithm, Google is looking to connect people with the most relevant experience per their search interest.

Affecting only mobile search results, this update deems whether a website is simply mobile user friendly or not. This is a 'yes' or 'no' update, where a ranking benefit will be recognized or foregone on a page-by-page basis. Websites that pass the mobile friendly test are clearly labeled and may see boosts in search results ahead of websites that are not considered to be mobile friendly.

How to enhance your ranking:

Google bot will pay close attention to the following items to help determine if a website is mobile friendly:

  • Avoids software like Flash (never mobile friendly)
  • Uses text that is readable without a set of 100x powered bifocals
  • Sizes content to the screen to minimize scrolling or zooming
  • Puts some distance between links to make it easier on the user

How does this affect Hotel websites?

According to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, mobile searches within the accommodations category grew from 33.8% of searches in April 2014 to 41.6% of searches in March 2015.

With roughly 62% of search results differing between mobile and desktop devices and mobile searches growing rapidly for accommodations, having a mobile optimized website is a necessity.

Sabre Hospitality Solutions offers several device-responsive website solutions including the conversion focused and affordable SynXis InstaSite which can launch in as fast as three days, long before negative impacts from the algorithm are observed.

To ensure you do not lose any traction as the algorithm continues to roll out, contact us to discuss your Search Engine Optimization and website strategies.

By: Ashley Hueske | Director of Search Engine Marketing

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