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Bringing Retail to Hospitality – #HotelRetailing 101

At Sabre Hospitality, we recently introduced the term 'hotel retailing' as part of our new report on the Future of Hotel Booking – A Guide to Hotel Retailing - but what does that really mean?

HotelRetailingIf you search online for hotel retailing, you get a wide variety of results that primarily focus on how your properties can reimagine your spa, salon or gift shop outlet. But today, that's only a small part of the broader hotel retailing picture.

At Sabre, we're on a mission to help our hoteliers understand the full meaning and value behind the mindset shift of becoming a true retailer – which is all about delivering exactly what your customers want, when & where they want it.

"Hotel retailing" encompasses every digital touch-point that lights the path throughout your guest's shopping & booking journey – and those hoteliers who get it right are the ones delivering truly unrivaled guest experiences.

No longer are consumers comparing retail experiences with hotels to other hotels – or even OTAs. Instead, they are comparing you to Amazon, Nordstrom and Gilt. The bar has been raised, and it's time for modern hoteliers to take action.

The good news is Sabre can help.

Our mission is to guide hotel executives in understanding and capitalizing on this concept, along with the trends behind it. And ultimately, we hope to provide insights that will help them select the right technology partner to optimize their retailing strategies and ultimately optimize profitability and the end-to-end guest experience as a result.

Check out the short SlideShare on Hotel Retailing 101, highlighting 3 key trends that will define tomorrow's pacesetters in hotel retailing. And for a more in-depth analysis, download our complimentary new report on the Future of Hotel Booking.

Sarah Kennedy
Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Development
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