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In case you missed it: Sabre Webinar “The Holistic Hotel Website Experience”

You know what it takes to run a successful hotel – but do you know what it takes to optimize your hotel's website so it can be as successful as possible? The stakes are high, and the game is shifting rapidly as technology changes customers' shopping habits.

Here at Sabre, we have the research and industry insights you need to make these changes and win more conversions. We use industry trends, data analysis and optimization testing to learn what makes for an optimal hospitality website experience, identifying key features and functionality that customers are most likely to respond to.

My colleague Kelsey Slater and I recently presented a webinar, "The Holistic Hotel Website Experience," where we covered these important knowledge points. The bottom line is, an ideal hospitality website must be designed holistically, with an eye toward creating the best possible user experience. It must be responsive, able to function across all devices and platforms. A successful website must be designed with the user in mind, and it must be focused on conversion.

These may sound like simple, common-sense truths, but there's a lot of complexity involved in getting all of these elements to come together. In this webinar, we examine the points hoteliers must consider in order to fine-tune their website and turn curious customers into lifelong guests. We also present proven practices that will help you win on customer experience by improving shoppers' interactions with your site. Among the questions we help you answer:

  • How should you prioritize different aspects of your website - visuals, calls-to-action, content - to meet your business goals?
  • What kinds of webpage layouts are the right fit for the ways consumers interact with websites?
  • Which is better, more content or less? And what type of photography and video should you leverage on you website?

We also examine trends from Sabre's latest research, focusing on how customers shop and how the rise of mobile shopping has changed customers' expectations.

For instance, did you know that giving website visitors too many options can actually make them less likely to book? Believe it or not, the more you make visitors browse to get the content they want, the more likely they are to drop off the site without booking. From color scheme and layout to the word choices used in your reservation console, in this webinar we cover the details your site needs to implement the best possible user experience.

Click here to view the recorded webinar of "The Holistic Hotel Website Experience," and learn how to bring these winning techniques to your hospitality website.

Eric Reece
Creative Director, Digital Experience
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