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Choosing the right hotel PMS: The key to enhancing guest experience while streamlining operations

The right property management system helps hoteliers make their operations as efficient as possible while also enabling them to provide the best possible guest experience.

This statement of what a hotel PMS does sounds very simple, and in a perfect world it would always work this way – and it would always work perfectly.

In reality, however, a hotel PMS is often part of a complex set of solutions designed to help hoteliers serve their customers.

The PMS also coordinates the flow of information throughout the property or chain, including managing guest folios and pushing ARI information to booking channels and the GDS.

Unfortunately, in many cases these solutions can carry unforeseen costs for maintenance and support, not to mention the downtime that results when those solutions fail, or the burden on operations from supporting legacy IT hardware and systems.

This is why a next-generation PMS can play such a crucial part of a hotel’s operations. Today’s property management systems can enhance guest experience while allowing hoteliers to capture, analyze and take action on guest data. The PMS can, and should be, a hotel’s nerve center, allowing hoteliers to manage, measure and optimize information flows in real time.

To help hoteliers understand the capabilities and operational improvements that a next-generation PMS can provide, Sabre partnered with Starfleet research to help underwrite The 2016 Smart Decision Guide™ to Hotel Property Management Systems, designed to help hoteliers choose the right system for their properties.

This in-depth report includes an overview of the functionality a next-generation PMS can provide, as well as a checklist and must-ask questions for hoteliers that are considering investing in a new solution.

Because different hoteliers will have different needs and expectations for their property management systems, this guide examines the concepts and capabilities that a next-generation PMS offers, including guest data integration – the ability to capture, integrate and store guest information in a central database so that hoteliers can better analyze guest preferences and purchase history.

The guide also explores important buying considerations for hoteliers seeking to upgrade to a more powerful system.

Since every property or chain has its own unique needs and characteristics, the guide explores the many features and customization options that are available, including:

  • Front desk, back office and reservations management capabilities
  • Housekeeping management features
  • Point-of-sale features
  • The ability to integrate with tablets and mobile devices to improve guest service

Finally, since investing in a hotel PMS means entering into a long-term relationship with a solution provider, this guide includes a list of recommendations for hoteliers and “must-ask” questions, along with insights from hotel executives, managers and industry analysts on the impact that today’s technology can have on hotel operations.

A hotel’s PMS is not only its operational nerve center, but also represents the most important technology investment that a property or chain will make. This guide provides hoteliers with a roadmap and important information to make sure that investment results in better customer service, more efficient operations and maximized revenue.

Click here to get your copy of The 2016 Smart Decision Guide™ to Hotel Property Management Systems, and learn more to determine if the SynXis Property Manager is the right system for your property.

Varun Taware
Product Marketing Manager
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