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Goal for 2016: Enhance the Guest Experience and Inspire Travelers with Compelling Offers!

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, many of us in the hotel world are focused on wrapping up this year, starting on tasks for 2016, and hopefully spending some time with loved ones. While you're juggling all of this, or possibly as you take a break from it, I encourage you all to spend a few minutes looking at your packages and special offers.

You may find traditional Bed and Breakfast or spa packages, early booking promotions, and perhaps a holiday or New Year's offering. These are all well and good, but take time to consider how the promotions align with your 2016 goals. If one goal (which most hotels have) is to extend your booking window, does a generic early booking promotion serve this purpose well?

Instead, I recommend crafting compelling offers. The travel planning process begins with inspiration, so be sure to craft promotions that inspire guests! A "Spring into Spring" promotion showcasing not just a discount for early booking, but all the activities guests can do around the hotel in the warm spring weather will get them more inspired than a generic "Book X days out and save Y%" offer.

The more intriguing an offer is to guests, the more potential it has to inspire them. Also, remember that with many people off over the holidays, they will be bundled up tight, surfing the Web to plan their next vacation. Give them something to stimulate their imagination!

For help with implementing data-driven pricing and package strategies, contact your account manager.

Ethan Brown
Director of Business Development
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