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Hospitality Technology Trends: How Do You Connect With Hotel Guests in a Meaningful Way?

Travelers have access to a variety of tools, technology and services that enable them to create the best leisure or business trip. And while these present great opportunities and benefits to travelers, they also pose challenges for hoteliers: how do you keep up with the latest trends and technology? Which tools and technology do you use to connect with your guests in a meaningful way

Emerging technology is putting the guest in control and their demands never miss a beat.

Hoteliers used to have the power - from the information provided about your properties all the way to how guests should book. Now guests have more control on how and where they obtain information and how they decide to book their accommodation of choice.

The connected guest has sophisticated needs throughout their journey and interacts in many ways with your brand even before deciding to book their stay. They are demanding of your services and are not shy in using all technology and platforms available.

You may feel the challenge of trying to figure out how to keep up, what solutions to implement and how to create meaningful relationships that will ultimately get these connected travelers to book with you and love your brand.

But don't panic! Technology can provide hoteliers the opportunity to simplify the process and meet the connected guests in every phase of their journey while still delivering the best guest experience.

Technology is about change and ultimately it's about how adaptable to change you are – you either change or lose business to those that embrace it.

Turn technology into a competitive advantage

Ensure that your core systems provide a foundation to the technology your customers and guests are interacting with. Your property management system, central reservations systems, booking engine, CRM, profile database, voice, and digital applications should integrate so that you can provide the ultimate guest experience.

How do YOU keep up with trends and emerging technology to provide a great guest experience?

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