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How can hotels embrace customer data to elevate the guest experience?

In today's competitive environment, hoteliers are searching for ways to differentiate and win the hearts, minds and – most importantly – loyalty of travelers. We know "guest experience" can mean many things, and guests are willing to provide certain types of personal data in exchange for elevated levels of experience, convenience and attention.

To generate customer loyalty, hoteliers have to provide more than just the basics of a comfortable bed, clean accommodations and fast WiFi. It's now also imperative for hoteliers to harness customer data and insights to elevate the guest experience.

While it may sound simple, executing on that imperative in reality is one of the most challenging tasks facing a hotelier today for three reasons:

- Reliance on disparate technology systems to capture and store customer data

- Lack of a single source of truth, or unified view of a guest's profile

- Limited ability to act on the data to provide the experience guests not only desire, but expect.

So, how can hoteliers navigate these challenges and truly differentiate the value they deliver to guests?

Sabre Hospitality Solutions commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a research study on consumer expectations and the ability of hoteliers around the globe to deliver on those expectations. Forrester pressure-tested the criticality of a hotelier's need for an integrated set of solutions to deliver the kinds of bespoke experiences that result in unwavering guest loyalty.

At Sabre, we not only want to be the leader in hospitality technology, but even more importantly we want to be the thought-partner you rely on to help solve the most challenging problems you face.

This report leverages many years of Forrester research on customer experience paired with the latest traveler research to deliver actionable insights on how you can become customer-obsessed, build retention and generate loyalty that drives revenue.

Download the study Customer Experience in Hospitality: Embrace Customer Data and Elevate the Customer Experience.

Alex Alt
President and General Manager

As president and general manager of Sabre Hospitality Solutions®, Alex Alt oversees one of the company’s two Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses. Sabre Hospitality Solutions provides the most comprehensive set of distribution and marketing services in the hotel industry.

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