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How hoteliers must adapt to meet the expectations of highly sought-after Asia-Pacific travelers

As hoteliers identify new segments and growth opportunities heading into 2017, they must not overlook Asia-Pacific.

The region is soaring as the world’s largest travel market and in two decades will account for 42% of global air traffic (according to IATA).

The changing Asia-Pacific landscape is seeing continued economic development, population growth and demographic shifts – with an expanding middle class enjoying rising living standards and higher disposable incomes leading to increased spend on travel.

If your hotel has properties in Asia-Pacific, pipeline growth or a growing customer base from this region, then it’s critical that you understand and adapt to meet these highly sought-after travelers’ expectations.

To help you stay ahead of the trends and focused on consumers' evolving expectations across this region, Sabre has produced Asia-Pacific: Consumer Mega-Trends Impacting Hospitality, a deep-dive report revealing the key themes impacting hospitality consumers in this region.

This report uncovers four powerful trends that show how Asia-Pacific consumers are evolving beyond the old demographic models of consumer behavior. Learn how to leverage emerging trends such as these:

Betterment – How can your brand help consumers attain self-improvement goals?

In Asian culture, working hard to attain a better life is a deeply-ingrained virtue. The fact that most of the region is still developing also leaves huge room for personal growth. Brands that can adapt to relevant, local contexts and help different consumers attain various self-improvement goals will be loved.

This trend is particularly relevant to travel, as people travel to gain experiences, greater knowledge and self-improvement. Hotels with packages, campaigns and services that enable the realization of these goals will be more attractive to these travelers than those without.

Local Love – How is the importance of tradition, local context and culture influencing traveler decisions?

Until recently, Asian consumers recognized western brands as better than local. However, there’s a mindset shift underway as the global center of economic and cultural gravity continues to shift east, altering the perception of ‘local.’ Increasing numbers of Asian consumers are reinventing tradition, celebrating culture, taking pride in locality and embracing local products and offerings. What’s more, home-grown successes – from Alibaba in China to Go-Jek in Indonesia – are re-inventing what local means for Asian consumers. Hotel brands that truly understand this consumer trend and embrace this theme will be poised to win customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Want more insights? Download the report! As you read through it, you’ll see that each mega-trend discussion explores smaller sub-trends and a look at what’s driving these shifts, with examples of transformational innovations from other industries. The report also provides ideas for how hoteliers can immediately act on these insights and prepare for what consumers will expect your brand to offer – ways to bring these trends to life for your guests right away and stay ahead of your competition.

We hope this report will inspire you to act on these insights to differentiate and advance your brand, attract customers and, by doing so, maximize revenue.

Explore the trends here:

Karla Fonseca
Content Marketing Manager
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