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ICYMI: Critical SEO Strategies for Today’s Hospitality Business

Here at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, we've been analyzing the impact on hoteliers of recent changes to Google's search engine algorithms and resulting new trends in search engine optimization.

You may remember hearing about one major Google algorithm change, dubbed "Mobilegeddon" that rolled out earlier this year. Now, websites that are not mobile-friendly – that is, sites that don't recognize whether a user is on a desktop or mobile device and adapt the website to match – are seeing drops off as much as 4 percent in organic search traffic from mobile, and even companies that serve separate mobile sites could be taking a hit for not being mobile-friendly.

But "Mobilegeddon" is just one of the changes Google has made in recent years, not only to how search results are ranked, but to how local businesses – especially hotels – are displayed when customers search.

Our recent webinar, "SEOvolution: Making Sense of Changing Hotel Search" details these changes and provides strategies hoteliers need to keep their properties and rates in front of customers who rely on search, especially on mobile devices.

This 45-minute presentation provides critical insight on the current state of search engine optimization, with a review of the recent algorithm and result-ranking changes and a look at what we expect to happen in the near future. Among the topics we cover in the webinar:

  • How Google is using contextual information and conversational queries to interpret what customers are looking for when they search
  • Why the way data is presented on your website – even how your address and phone number are listed – can affect your hotel's place in search results
  • How Google's Knowledge Graph results can impact the amount of organic traffic your website receives
  • Why knowing local market and competitors' rates can help your hotel be more likely to show up in Google's local search results
  • We also provide insights that can help you optimize your website for the newest search engine algorithms, going beyond just Metadata and keywords to focus on factors you might not have considered, such as page load times, that can impact your search results ranking.

    Finally, we look at what's ahead in terms of changes in how people search for hotels, and offer some tips on how you can make better use of the data you're collecting through your website and mobile traffic.

    SEO doesn't have to be complicated, and a few key strategies can help make sure you're getting the search rankings – and the customers – your brand deserves. Click here to view our "SEOvolution" webinar, and browse our full catalog of webinars designed to help you make the most of technology.

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