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The technology platform bringing True Hospitality to life

Every time a guest walks onto your property, you have a chance to tell your hotel’s story and to be a part of your guest’s experience. The challenge is knowing what your guests expect, and being able to deliver experiences that not only meet but exceed those expectations.

This level of guest service takes strong partnerships, and a strong technology partner is key to making sure that the value of a stay with your hotel or brand is clearly demonstrated throughout the stay. To fully deliver on this promise of True Hospitality, you need not only an industry-leading technology provider, but one that works as hard as your staff members do – one that continues to push the boundaries of innovation and find new ways for technology to make the hospitality experience more personalized, and more personal.

Today, more than ever, guests expect customized experiences. One of the biggest obstacles hoteliers face is the need to leverage technology to deliver personalized service reliably, at scale. The solutions Sabre provides ensure that our customers are able to focus on doing what they do best. Our technology works to support the hotelier’s goal of providing excellent service to each guest throughout every stay.

Sabre’s technology solutions and best-in-class services are powering True Hospitality at over 36,000 properties worldwide. Throughout the travel journey, we help reduce the amount of time hotel staff spend on operational tasks, freeing them up to provide better, more attentive service to travelers. Here are just a few examples of how this seamless support takes place:

Before the Stay:

Superior guest service begins with the shopping and booking experience. The SynXis Booking Engine offers a reliable, device-responsive and scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with your website. Our Digital Experience team helps hotels and chains create device-responsive websites and optimize their digital advertising mix to achieve maximum visibility. We also give you data to help support your decisions, conducting A/B and multivariate testing to optimize revenue.

To help you reach the guests you want to serve, no matter how they choose to shop, SynXis Central Reservations delivers a cloud-based platform that’s scalable, flexible and easy-to-use. Sophisticated revenue management controls make it simpler to implement complex rate strategies, while seamless integration with other systems allows you to collect the data you need to offer optimal service.

SynXis Voice Agent makes it easier to provide superior service over the phone, with seamless integration to the SynXis Enterprise Platform. Sabre Hospitality Solutions’ Call Center Services offer your guests a personal introduction to your brand before they ever arrive on property.

During the Stay:

Once your guests arrive on property, SynXis Property Manager makes guest service more efficient by simplifying common tasks, while the intuitive, cloud-based system cuts time and costs that would otherwise be needed to train staff and support on-site IT infrastructure.

After the Stay:

Finally, our Enterprise Intelligence tools give you powerful, customized reporting options that open up a full view of reservation and shopping data, with the ability to benchmark against your competition and compare your KPIs against similar properties. True hospitality is powered by guest data, and these systems make it easier to deliver value in exchange for the information your guests provide before, during and after their stay.

Sabre provides the platform at the heart of True Hospitality, and we enable our customers to focus on making every stay enjoyable. This way, the hoteliers we serve are better able to deliver on the value they promise to guests, while travelers create lasting memories and, ultimately, are more likely to come back again and again. We’re ready to help your hotel or chain deliver the promise of True Hospitality.

Robert Dawson
Vice President, Digital Marketing and Web Development Solutions

As the head of Sabre Hospitality Solutions' Digital Marketing and Web Development efforts Robert Dawson leads the company's online technology innovations in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Development, Mobile Development and Custom Website Application Development.

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