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TripConnect Instant Booking: Everything You Need to Know

What is TripConnect instant booking?

TripConnect instant booking is a new acquisition channel that's powered by the SynXis Booking Engine (formerly Guest Connect). It allows Sabre Hospitality customers to claim bookings made directly on TripAdvisor through the high visibility "Book on TripAdvisor" placement.

How it works

TripConnect instant booking displays real-time rates and availability from your SynXis Booking Engine in the price comparison meta search box on your property's TripAdvisor page. When guests are ready to book, they click "Book on TripAdvisor" to complete their reservation right on the TripAdvisor website. Once the booking is made, the guests' information is processed via the API for Instant Booking and you own the relationship with the guest from that point on.

The best part? TripConnect instant booking is based on a simple pay-per-booking commission model. You won't pay for any bookings until travelers complete their stays.

The Sabre Hospitality advantage

Sabre Hospitality Solutions is an official TripAdvisor connectivity partner making the TripConnect instant booking experience through your SynXis Booking Engine seamless. Once you've signed up, rate and availability data will pass between SynXis and TripAdvisor, creating a smooth and easy booking process for the traveler. And the booking details will be passed to you through SynXis Central Reservation. This allows you to start building a relationship with the guest right away. Plus, if a guest cancels – on TripAdvisor or by contacting your property directly – your records and availability will update automatically through SynXis and you won't be charged commission.

Start Generating Bookings Now

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started: click here to sign up for TripConnect instant booking. Contact your Sabre Hospitality Account Manager if you have questions or for additional ways to increase visibility in TripAdvisor.

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