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True hospitality takes heart: Gus’ story

Hoteliers have a unique perspective in the hospitality industry. When guests walk through your doors, they’re expecting not just good service or a meal, but overnight shelter – a temporary home. The level of trust implied by a guest’s choice to spend one or several nights in your hotel over another is not insignificant – and we know you don’t take this lightly. Hoteliers know that true hospitality means much more than just delivering guest service with warmth and a smile. It often means going to extraordinary lengths to ensure your guests have remarkable experiences, to even creating a sense of belonging within your four walls. After all, what wouldn’t you do for good friends passing through town for a few days? (An open door to your home and a warm spare bed are the least you’re happy to provide.) The sense of community that great hotels cultivate is not altogether dissimilar.

The way our hoteliers go above and beyond their guests’ expectations is truly inspiring to us, and we love hearing your stories of exceptional service. Often surprising, always heartwarming, these tales are a testament to the special role hotels play in the lives of travelers – and to your commitment to delivering true hospitality for guests.

We recently spoke to Gus, who told us this unusual story of a service experience at his hotel, a Sabre customer, in downtown Dallas. Ice storms are rare in Texas, and often shut down entire cities due to the lack of reliable infrastructure to de-ice roadways. So when a guest who’d recently had knee surgery announced that he needed to get an important executive meeting at the Neiman Marcus corporate office a block away – with crutches on an icy sidewalk, a quite dangerous feat – Gus sprang into action.

"I remember it just like it happened yesterday. It was very slippery out there, and he kept saying, 'I don't know what to do. I don’t know how I'm going to get there.' So I found these two rugs, and took them to the front door of the hotel. I laid one rug over the ice and said, 'Walk on this rug.' He took a few steps onto the rug. Then I took the one behind him and placed it in front of him, and he would take a few more steps forward; when he'd get to that one, I'd pull the other one. And I just did this over and over again until he got to the office. It took us about eight or nine minutes. He was in awe and kept saying, 'I can't believe it.' But it's the only way I thought I could get him there, so that's what we did."

Gus explains, "I treat every guest the same: this is my house. When you come to my house, I want you to feel welcome."

These stories are inspiring to us – and not just because they warm the heart. They illustrate the incredibly high standard that our customers hold themselves to. Without your commitment to the guest experience, the technology solutions we provide would only go halfway.

Similarly, guest-centric technology enables hoteliers to deliver that human touch at scale -- to personalize and humanize the guest experience at every service touchpoint.

Together, our suite of solutions enables you to be present in each phase of your guest’s experience:

True hospitality takes heart and incredibly high standards. We share your commitment to excellence, and we’re proud to partner with the best hotels on earth.

Megan Van Groll
Managing Editor & Creative Director
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