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What Can the Hotel Industry Learn from Zappos, Groupon, and Fiat?

Sabre Research Explores Successful Retailing Strategies for the Modern Consumer

According to Sabre's latest research, we can learn a lot about creating a new customer experience from brands like Zappos, Groupon and Fiat. These are just a few of the brands that are leading the way with new retailing strategies to meet the changing needs of the modern consumer.

Across every industry, technology and information have empowered consumers and radically changed the way they interact with brands. Today's consumers want content and a shopping experience that is fast, easy and personal. They want to have access to everything, everywhere, from every device. This transformation is driving brands - regardless of the vertical - to change the way they sell to, and interact with, consumers.

And the travel industry is not immune. Today's travelers have access to a host of new tools and services designed to make vacations and business trips more enjoyable and productive. While this empowers travelers to make better, faster decisions about where and when to spend their travel dollars, hotel brands face a challenge: keep up with consumers' rapidly changing expectations or be left behind.

To help hoteliers understand new and emerging retailing trends, Sabre Hospitality Solutions teamed up with PSFK Labs, a leading research firm, to explore recent technological innovations across retail, tech, media and travel industries to identify the most successful retailing strategies. The resulting report – The Future of Hotel Booking – A Guide to Hotel Retailing – examines ten specific trends impacting the way consumers discover, interact with, and ultimately purchase from brands.

The Future of Hotel Booking investigates retailing strategies that resonate with three key themes – World as Media, Intimate Intelligence and Instant Service – and offers practical, actionable recommendations to help hotels apply these retailing practices to their own businesses.

The analysis for this report includes specific examples from leading retailers who are embracing emerging technology to offer a better shopping and guest experience, culminating in increased conversions and loyalty.

Our report provides hotel executives with unique insights on selecting the right tools and technology for successful hotel retailing strategies, and will inspire them to innovate their offerings to better meet their guests' expectations guests.

For hoteliers, successful retailing means building lasting relationships by connecting with guests at all points along their journey, from discovery and booking to check-out and beyond. The Future of Hotel Booking is the hoteliers' guide to successful retailing for today's modern traveler.

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