Booking Engine

Deliver exceptional guest service right from the booking

Exceptional guest service starts with the booking and the SynXis Booking Engine ensures your guests have a positive shopping and booking experience. Seamlessly integrated to a hotel or chain website, you gain greater control of design with flexible layouts that are visually impressive on any device. SynXis Booking Engine is versatile and scalable to meet the needs of any size property or chain.

With intuitive calls-to-action and captivating visual display, SynXis Booking Engine delivers:

  • In-Context Suite – Innovation that provides a seamless booking opportunity right at the point of sale.
  • Merchandising – Promotional pricing, dynamic pricing coupons and other add-ons.
  • Comparison Shopping – Side-by-side room comparisons create a streamline shopping process.
  • Upsell – Generate incremental revenue by offering real-time room upgrades after the booking confirmation.
  • Multilingual – Increases your global reach.
  • Guest Experience – Usability testing results in a positive guest experience throughout the entire booking process.
  • CRM - Capture extensive guest information to create a more personalized interaction with your guests.
  • Geo-Promotions – Identify guest’s location to present custom promotions.


“We were truly impressed with the experience and innovation of the team at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and their ability to support Preferred as we provide our members with outstanding sales, marketing, and distribution services worldwide.”

John Ueberroth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Preferred Hotels & Resorts