Booking Engine

Influence more guests to book direct

The responsive SynXis Booking Engine is versatile and scalable. Seamlessly integrated to a hotel or chain website, you gain control of design with customizable layouts that are visually impressive and drive maximum conversion rates. Using a modern UI, best-in-class retailing tools, and urgency triggers, SynXis Booking Engine enables you to drive more direct bookings.

Win your guests online in their micro-moments — anywhere, anytime, on any device — using the industry’s first booking engine that dynamically personalizes online experiences.

Drive direct bookings through enhanced retail focus built into the new modern UI.

Customize the booking engine rapidly for your branding needs with the Booking Engine Designer, at no additional cost.

Maximize total booking revenue and ancillary sales with dynamic upgrades, packaging, and merchandising.

Expedite changes and upgrades to your booking engine with the best-in-class SaaS platform.

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"We were truly impressed with the experience and innovation of the team at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and their ability to support Preferred as we provide our members with outstanding sales, marketing, and distribution services worldwide."

John Ueberroth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Preferred Hotels & Resorts