Shareworx: Program and Activity Planner for Hotels

In a fast-paced hotel sales and marketing operation, there are many critical, time-sensitive proposals that need to be reviewed and signed off by General Managers, Directors of Sales and other key decision makers from across the portfolio.

Will the hotel be joining the next international trade show? Who is attending? Do they need rooms from the block? Or a short-term rate promotion requires the hotel to quickly approve a rate and a value-added amenity. These kinds of initiatives often turn into an administrative nightmare with endless follow-up phone calls, faxes and emails to chase down non-respondents or missing information.

Shareworx is a planning and organizational tool that brings efficiency and accountability to all these tasks, enabling head office and regional managers to communicate key information to hotels in a consistent, trackable format and receive responses the same way.

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"We were truly impressed with the experience and innovation of the team at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, and their ability to support Preferred as we provide our members with outstanding sales, marketing, and distribution services worldwide."

John Ueberroth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Preferred Hotels & Resorts