Targetworx: Opportunity Management for Hotels

Finding new business for a hotel can sometimes feels like shooting in the dark: good prospects on paper can end up producing little or nothing in actual room nights. But for properties that are part of a hotel chain the most promising source of business is often clients with whom the group — or a sister hotel — has an existing relationship. The challenge is how to identify, target and then exploit the potential of these customers for the benefit of as many properties as possible. Nexus Targetworx is designed to do just that.

Targetworx allows hotel chains to present business opportunities to hotels based on relationships drawn from across the organization. Hotels then identify and respond to those opportunities which they believe have business potential for them by developing a simple business case and submitting it to the hotel group’s program manager for review and presentation to the client. Many hotel groups already have such a process in place, but Targetworx has some important advantages over the usual manual process.

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