Access real-time market intelligence from within the SynXis Platform As the pandemic pushes hoteliers to achieve more with fewer resources, the ability to forecast is now more critical than ever for a strong revenue management strategy. Hence we have partnered with Expedia Group to introduce ‘Expedia Group Rev+’ into the Control Center, making real-time market insights available in the SynXis platform. Rev+ empowers hotels that use Expedia to leverage market data and pricing intelligence to make informed decisions about their rates and inventory across their entire distribution portfolio. All this from the Home Page of the Control Center where you can view a calendar with Rev+ updates and pricing alerts. Who can use Expedia Group Rev+? Expedia Group Rev+ is available to all SynXis CR customers who also sell on Expedia. Hotels using the Expedia Direct Connect in SynXis CR are already configured to use Rev+; others can request access to Rev+ by contacting our customer care team at with their Expedia Hotel ID. We are very excited to provide this advanced market intelligence from Expedia Group and we encourage all hoteliers to take advantage of these insights to drive their revenue growth. Sabre’s focus on innovation is driven by its commitment to simplify hospitality management for its hoteliers.