Maximizing hotel revenue

5 trends shaping the hotel industry

Retailing Trends

Discover the future of hospitality retailing

Dive into Sabre Hospitality’s inaugural “Hospitality Retailing Trends 2024” report where we explore the five most impactful trends shaping the industry, from Cultural Butlers” to Hotels as a Destination.

Whether you’re a CEO, marketer, or e-commerce manager, this report provides invaluable insights to navigate the ever-changing hospitality landscape, attracting new revenue streams and fresh ideas in 2024. 

Discover why integrating third-party brands is a lucrative avenue for creating new revenue streams in our report today.

In this hospitality guide, you’ll learn: 

  • Consumer preferences are driving changes in retail offerings and experiences 
  • To leverage existing spaces and experiences as traffic and sales drivers 
  • Different strategies for leveraging ancillary sales and gift cards can boost revenue 
  • Partnerships and collaborations are rapidly expanding retail offerings 
  • To elevate your hotel’s retailing game with this essential guide for today’s hoteliers
  • The likelihood of booking increases by 78% when properties provide personal offerings

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