Sabre Hospitality Secures Elite Connectivity Partner Status with Expedia for Fourth Consecutive Year

Elite Connectivity Partner Recognition

Expedia Group has recently announced its Elite and Preferred Connectivity partners for 2023, recognizing the top providers of high-quality tools, capabilities, and user experiences for connected properties.

There are two status tiers of this award: Elite is the top tier status, followed by Preferred. Out of over 400 global companies eligible for these designations, only 2% were selected for Elite status this year.

Among the 11 Elite partners chosen was Sabre Hospitality, a distinction awarded to only the top Expedia partners. This prestigious status underscores Sabre’s commitment to enabling hoteliers to Go Beyond by surpassing limits, solving daily challenges, and outpacing the competition. Here are the key highlights:

  • Technical Performance: Sabre achieved the top-tier Elite partner status through superior technical and performance criteria.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: Sabre’s dependable user experience and streamlined Expedia onboarding contributed to this rare designation.
  • High-Quality Support: Sabre’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its top-notch support for properties.
EG Elite

Channel Connect: Empowering Sabre Customers

For effective management of online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia and over 600 others, Sabre customers can leverage Channel Connect. Here’s how it empowers hoteliers:

  • OTA Channels: Channel Connect allows seamless distribution of rates and availability across multiple OTA channels.
  • Distribution Efficiency: Automate reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and keep track of guest charges.
  • Rate Parity: Maintain consistency across various OTAs, ensuring rate parity and optimized revenue management strategies.

Expedia Group’s extensive reach spans 200 websites, native apps, and distribution through 90,000 travel agencies and global business partners. By leveraging Sabre’s connection to Expedia, hotels can efficiently distribute rates and availability, simplify daily operations, and attract high-value guests. Sabre’s Elite Connectivity Partner status underscores its dedication to enabling hoteliers to outperform the competition and Go Beyond.

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