The world is slowly opening as a result of the vaccination efforts, and the hospitality industry is headed towards growth. In fact, countries with a high inoculation rate are reaping the benefits of reduced restrictions as they relate to social interactions and personal mobility – everything that travel is about. Take a look as we dive into industry data. This report digs into the data behind the recovery and brings the insights to the forefront. We explore the effects of recent outbreaks, vaccination efforts, and the concept of a vaccine passport. As traveler confidence about the future increases, our partners at IDeaS shares their perspective on revenue management during recovery. In this report you will find:
  • An overview of the global state of the hospitality industry, it’s recovery, and regional spotlights
  • A look at the state of the pandemic across the globe, and how it’s affecting travel
  • Recent trends in consumer and traveler confidence, and what it may say about continued recovery of the travel industry
  • What we are seeing in the leisure and business travel segments respectively
  • Helpful resources and articles from leading national, international, and industry publications for those that want to dive deeper into the topics

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