With travel restrictions now lifted worldwide, the pent-up demand for travel is noticeable. Customers are spending more, with RevPar (occupancy x average daily rate) exceeding expectations – trending significantly above 2019 for many locations around the world, especially in the leisure segment. In fact, the global accommodation sector is projected to reach $903B this year.

Yet despite this positive outlook, hoteliers are under more pressure than ever. Since the onset of the pandemic, daily tasks have become more complex and time-consuming for hotel staff, and workloads have increased as they have tried to stay on top of ever-changing travel conditions and traveler behavior.

The labor shortage that emerged during the pandemic – and which continues to be an issue– has exacerbated the situation and made it difficult to cope flexibly with these new challenges. Many hoteliers struggle to find and retain talent – due to a mass exit from the industry – making it difficult to build strong teams.

Despite the resource constraints that they face, hotels are still expected to deliver the same level of service to guests, who expect their experiences to be tailored to them, with each touchpoint uniquely personalized. As such, to efficiently manage the new world of travel, cope with its unpredictability and meet guests’ needs, hotels need to act fast, but take a long-term view to optimizing their processes and systems through hotel technology,

Today guest preferences are communicated through notes in the PMS, which can be easily overlooked and may not account for interdepartmental communication. This can prevent a hotel team from seeing gaps in service and understanding why guests are unhappy.

Hotel technology support is required to address these operational challenges, and unlock new opportunities for hoteliers to deliver a differentiated, seamless guest experience.

Sabre’s Nuvola solution combines task management and guest engagement software, offering hoteliers the missing hotel technology link for providing a great guest experience. With Nuvola hoteliers have a single platform to connect teams, tasks, and guests, ensuring consistency and a quality stay every time.

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