By Tiffany Lung | Principal Marketing Manager

Saint James Paris, belonging to Bertrand Hospitality, represents one of the esteemed properties within the first independent French restaurant and hotel group. Alongside its sister property, Relais Christine, Saint James Paris stands out with its grandiose rooms and suites, exclusive Guerlain spas, and a Michelin-starred restaurant.  

The 5-star hotel offers an array of amenities, featuring luxurious spa treatments and exquisite dining experiences. Among their top-selling offerings are the sought-after Imperial face sculpt spa treatment and gourmet culinary delights. With a global clientele eager to gift experiences to their loved ones visiting Paris, Saint James Paris sought to elevate its retail offerings.

Challenges & Objectives 

Saint James Paris aspired to enhance its retail while highlighting its status as a distinguished 5-star hotel. Dissatisfied with their prior solution from an alternative provider, which failed to adequately showcase the opulent experience they offered, the hotel was determined to improve its guest experience. With this in mind, their primary objective was twofold: to enable guests to share the luxury experience of Saint James Paris with their loved ones while also capitalizing on this opportunity to drive revenue. 


Saint James Paris Hotel Screenshot

Saint James Paris selected Sabre gift cards due to the platform’s extensive experience and clientele in the luxury sector, along with its partnerships with esteemed brands like Capella Hotels & Resorts. Sabre’s Gift Cards & Vouchers provide hotels with a comprehensive online solution, allowing them to efficiently manage, customize, and sell gift cards directly through their website. The platform seamlessly integrates with its existing websites, delivering a luxurious and cohesive brand experience for customers. 

Key Features: 

  • Personalized Branding Options: Our platform allows hotels to customize gift cards with their logo, branding elements, and messaging, ensuring a consistent brand experience for customers. 
  • Easy Purchasing Process: Customers can easily purchase gift cards directly through the hotel’s website on a subdomain, streamlining the purchasing process and increasing convenience. 
  • Streamlined Redemption: Manual data entry is eliminated as activation and redemption are seamlessly handled through the app or browser. This ensures precise tracking of all gift card sales and redemptions. 


The onboarding process was conducted with close collaboration, which facilitated an efficient transition. The technical aspect was managed by the production team, ensuring a smooth implementation. Additionally, comprehensive training sessions were conducted to equip our team with the necessary skills to navigate the new platform proficiently. 

Leading up to the launch, Saint James Paris strategically marketed their gift cards across various channels to maximize visibility and engagement. A dedicated “gift card” button was prominently featured on their website, providing easy access for potential buyers. Furthermore, newsletters and social media platforms served as valuable avenues for promoting their gift cards, with regular posts and stories highlighting their unique offerings. 

The hotel also strategically timed its campaigns to coincide with key festive seasons such as Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day, capitalizing on heightened consumer spending during these periods. Notably, their efforts yielded significant results, with December emerging as a standout month for gift card sales, particularly amidst the Christmas gifting season. 


Saint James Paris - Orchidée Imperiale Prestige treatment

“Transitioning to Sabre’s digital gift card platform from our previous provider was conducted efficiently thanks to the hands-on support of the Sabre team. Now, we can provide our guests with a gift shopping experience that aligns perfectly with the level of service offered at our properties.” 

Director of Sales & Marketing – Saint James Paris Hotel

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