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Increasing Bookings Per Month by 28% at an Expanding Global Hotel Chain

SynXis Enterprise Platform

In late 2015, a large global hotel chain faced technology limitations that threatened to hinder its ability to provide top-quality service to guests. As the chain grew, members of the tech team found themselves devoting a great deal of time to rate mapping and other tasks. And because the company was forced to rely on extranets, a great deal of staff time was spent on these manual updates. This chain selected Sabre’s SynXis Enterprise Platform, allowing them to take advantage of new distribution opportunities while providing the flexibility and scalability required for continued growth. Since transitioning to Sabre, the chain has seen gains in efficiency with fewer opportunities for errors in rates. Sabre team members worked with revenue management staff to implement Channel Connect, allowing seamless connectivity and the ability to deliver rates and inventory with less manual intervention. The chain also chose SynXis Booking Engine, a versatile and scalable solution that is highly customizable and designed to drive more direct bookings through personalization. Both booking engine production and GDS production increased dramatically in the months following their transition to Sabre: During the first six months of 2016, the number of bookings per month increased by an average of 28 percent. The chain now has a more intuitive revenue structure that attracts new business from an ideal mix of channels. Contact Sabre today to learn how we can create results like these for your hotel or chain.

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