Among the 11 Elite partners chosen was Sabre Hospitality, a recognition to how we enable hoteliers Go Beyond by surpassing limits, solving daily challenges, and outpacing the competition, so hoteliers can be more and do more.

Sabre Hospitality offers Studios, spaces where hoteliers are empowered to create their hospitality to Go Beyond. Each Studio is filled with tools designed for a specific purpose to configure distribution, retailing, operations and more. Within Studios, hoteliers can harness the full power of SynXis to drive innovation, streamline connections and focus on what matters most – the guest. Expedia Group’s recognition of Sabre Hospitality as an Elite partner highlights the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for the hospitality industry.

Elite and Preferred Connectivity partners are recognized for providing top-tier technical and performance criteria that ensure their solutions enable a wide range of tools and capabilities in the Expedia Group marketplace. These partners also provide a high-quality connection with a reliable user experience, streamline the Expedia Group onboarding experience, and offer high-quality support for properties.

Working with an Elite or Preferred partner ensures that properties can perform at their best by leveraging the advanced capabilities offered by the top providers in the industry. These partners maintain a strong portfolio of high-performing properties in the Expedia Group marketplace, providing property owners with a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

For property owners who are considering working with a connectivity provider, Expedia Group offers a comprehensive connectivity provider guide on Partner Central. With over 500 providers to choose from, property owners can filter by property type and the features, pricing models, and restrictions they support. Ratings for availability, booking success, and activation time are also available to help property owners make informed decisions.

Connectivity providers offer a variety of services and systems to help property owners manage their properties, such as distributing rates, availability, and listing content across multiple channels, automating reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and keeping track of guest charges. They also offer advanced reporting and pricing tools to help property owners optimize their revenue management strategies.

Expedia Group’s recognition of Sabre Hospitality as an Elite partner underscores the company’s commitment to providing top-tier IT solutions for the hospitality industry. By working with an Elite or Preferred partner, property owners can leverage the latest tools and capabilities to perform at their best and stay ahead of the competition.