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Retailing Excellence Special: 5 myths about SynXis Retail Studio – Issue 5

5 myths on SynXis Retail Studio that keep hoteliers fixated on hospitality's current, crippling mindset: "I sell a room and I measure success by average daily rate and average occupancy."

5 myths about SynXis® Retailing

By Derek Hervey | Retailing Excellence Lead at Sabre Hospitality

5 myths on SynXis Retailing that keep hoteliers fixated on hospitality’s current, crippling mindset: “I sell a room and I measure success by average daily rate and average occupancy.” Do not allow these myths to stunt your property’s total revenue growth. Unlock e-commerce innovation and retailing capabilities at time of booking via SynXis Retailing!

Myth #1

Retailing is not for hoteliers

The average hotelier had 500-1500 transactions via booking engine last year, 2022. This is a natural touchpoint with your guests who are inclined to spend more on trip-related activities. You can sell anything and select items that will differentiate your brand and build your unique value proposition as a retailer.

Myth #3

Too labor intensive

SynXis Retailing allows hoteliers to build an offer in less than five minutes and has made it easy to make any further additional changes. Moreover, there are also advanced capabilities that simplify the process with booking schedules and auto inventory management.

Myth #3

Not easy to set up & use

Sabre’s SynXis Retailing onboarding team makes it faster and easier for adopters to get started. For example, there are 12 e-learning trainings that give step by step instructions to stand up your ancillaries quickly. This team is ready to engage and guide you in building your digital storefront.

Myth #4

Not able to capture money right away

Due to the direct integration into the booking flow, ancillary offers become visible immediately to the guests and translate into quick revenue uplift. Retail Studio’s advanced predictive analytics and machine learning will offer the optimal ancillary assortment and display them in the right way to drive conversion.

Myth #5

Price point is too high

SynXis Retailing offers flexible pricing options for our adopters ranging from variable to fixed rates or a combination of both. With the variable rate, you pay only when you sell. In any pricing scenario, the project net benefit for the hotelier is driven by the immediate revenue uplift and continuous growth in conversion with your guests.

SynXis Retailing demonstrates how hoteliers can offer unlimited, unique options to drive total revenue per available room, increases guest satisfaction and grows brand engagement.

with SynXis® Retailing

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