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Booking Engine – Vila Galé

Vila Galé

Vila Galé was founded in 1986 and has since established itself as one of the largest Portuguese hotel groups with 23 hotels in Portugal and Brazil. Their core values are innovation, reliability, ambition, guarantee, accessibility, efficiency and freedom to meet their long term objective to “always be close to” their customer.
“We chose Sabre Hospitality Solutions because we liked the fact that we could be so flexible with their booking engine and be able to deliver different promotions, extra services, and property merchandising to help us sell our hotels to different market segments in a targeted way. Plus we felt it was a big advantage to be able to distribute to the GDSs with such a market-leading company. The numbers speak for themselves: we’ve been experiencing incredible results since we implemented their user-friendly solution!” 

Goncalo Rebelo de Almeida, Marketing Manager, Vila Galé

The Challenge

Vila Galé was looking for a fast, simple and interactive booking engine. As a hotel group with very different unique selling points across their chain, Vila Galé wanted a booking engine that would best help them merchandise each property’s experience. Further, the group wanted to increase revenue generated by them directly.
  • User-friendly booking engine and control center;
  • Highly international system available in multiple languages, currencies;
  • Abilityto have control over the design and process on hotel group level;
  • Streamlined booking process across their properties;
  • Improved consumer experience through the booking process to help them convert guests through their site.

The Solution

  • Implementation of the SynXis Booking Engine booking engine on their site
  • Incorporation of an extensive photo gallery so consumers get a better picture of the property and rooms
  • Created the booking engine in English, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish
  • Worked with Sabre Hospitality Solutions team to improve descriptions, controls, and options to fully utilize booking engine marketing capabilities


In the first full year after implementation of the SynXis Booking Engine booking engine, Vila Galé experienced dramatic increases in their amount of reservations and room nights through their own Webstie:
  • The reservations made through the booking engine increased by over 190%
  • The amount of room nights increased by just over 200%

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