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HOT Stats – Ensure your property is displaying when travel agents search for hotels in Sabre GDS

Travel agents can shop and book hotels quickly in Sabre GDS to find the right property for their customer. Usually this starts by shopping for hotel availability, checking the hotel description, rates and policies, and ultimately booking the room. To ensure they find the right property for their customer, travel agents will use qualifiers when amenities and location are a critical element in the traveler’s decision-making process. The agent could be booking a trip for a busy corporate traveler, or assisting a family taking that special vacation. In either case, location is the key. Just as important, however, are the amenities or special qualifiers their customer has requested. It’s likely they prefer to stay in a hotel that is close to the activities and destinations that matter to them, and that it has specific amenities they’d like to enjoy while on-property. It’s critical that your hotel is found by these travel agents. In order for your property to display in travel agent’s search, your hotel’s description in Sabre GDS should include all the amenities your property offers. The volumes of the various search qualifiers travel agents use when doing availability requests in Sabre GDS varies during the year. For example, the Pool qualifier is higher during summer months than other months. However, you should carefully review your hotel’s description to ensure travel agents find your property when looking for the amenities you offer. Did you know that Special Qualifiers allow travel agents to automatically filter hotels by requested amenities? These are the Special Qualifiers in Sabre GDS hotel description for “Hotel XYZ”:

If Hotel XYZ has a pool but SQ is POOL –N, when a travel agent searches using such Search Qualifier, Hotel XYZ will not be part of the availability results, even if the hotel is available. When was the last time you reviewed your hotel’s description in Sabre GDS? The information presented in the tables can guide you in ensuring your property’s information is accurate in the GDS and your listing is up-to-date. Remember, if your hotel’s description omits key selling features, you will be passed over for that booking. Fortunately, we can help you verify this information and provide you with guidelines to make the necessary revisions. Please reach out to your account manager to learn more.

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