Is your hotel’s digital strategy keeping up with the latest in search engine marketing?

Search marketing encompasses search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). SEO focuses on getting organic (free) traffic from the search results on search engines, while SEM focuses on acquiring customers by placing paid ads on search engine result pages. In hospitality, the goal of these programs is to ensure your hotel’s website has a strong presence in search results to capture traffic and increase direct bookings. By optimizing both your paid campaign and your website via SEO, your hotel can drive a significant amount of traffic and direct bookings with a strong search marketing program. Keeping up with search’s constant updates can be daunting. In this infographic we have included the release of a variety of new search technologies deployed over the previous months.



SEO and SEM is hard work, but can have a high ROI in the long run. To ensure you are implementing the right strategies and keeping the pace with the latest developments, reach out to our digital experts to ensure your website is ready to bring more traffic and convert visitors to guests. Learn more about how to make Search Engine Marketing drive qualified visitors directly to your website.