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Mastering distribution is a bridge to revolutionizing the guest experience

We believe that true hospitality happens when you know the unique expectations of each guest and find ways to exceed those expectations time after time. Serving over 36,000 properties around the world, Sabre Hospitality Solutions helps hoteliers deliver those distinct and dependable guest experiences.

We understand the complexities of the market and the challenges that hotel brands face. We know that hoteliers are working constantly to allocate limited resources in support of core business strategies, such as channel optimization. Hoteliers are tasked with driving more revenue, attracting as many potential customers as possible, and at the lowest possible cost of acquisition – all while ensuring a quality guest experience.

Paradigm shifts within the industry are driving these imperatives for hoteliers – and navigating them successfully starts with a solid distribution strategy. That means your hotel must not only be present in all of the channels your customers are searching, but must also stand out in an already crowded marketplace. Additionally, the guest experience starts long before a guest ever enters your hotel. You’re meeting your guests across their journey, whether they’re starting their dreaming process online, booking via an OTA or calling your hotel directly. Being a part of that journey lets your property or brand earn not only the booking, but also a relationship with that guest.

Partnering with hoteliers for success

Hoteliers must master distribution, and master it fast – and having a partner who deeply understands distribution can make a world of difference. At Sabre, distribution is our core, and our suite of distribution solutions are the industry’s most widely used and respected. By sharing the insights identified in this white paper, we aim to help you master distribution – allowing you, in turn, to focus more resources on the guest experience.

At Sabre, we believe the investments that hotels make in their channel optimization and distribution strategy will define the next generation of winners in hospitality – and we are committed to being your technology partner of choice. Our goal is to power capabilities that will enable channel conversion, revenue and profitability growth for our customers.

With this white paper, we share insights that will help you maximize revenue through an optimized distribution strategy, no matter the size or location of your property or chain. Inside, you’ll find key takeaways that will enable you to develop the best channel optimization strategy possible for your brand or property.

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