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Synxis Revenue Management Strategy

Grand Hotel

Sabre Hospitality Solutions assists Grand Hotel Amstelveen with Revenue Management Strategy; Hotel sees year-on-year revenue growth of 105%

“Sabre Hospitality has a huge wealth of knowledge within its team, and we are pleased to be able to benefit so greatly from this. We couldn’t imagine that just making these changes could make such an enormous difference!” Mr. M. Nagel General Manager, Grand Hotel Amstelveen
Grand Hotel Amsterdam, an independent property located in the Netherlands, felt that there were too few bookings coming from the GDS channel given their close proximity to the airport as well as to the city of Amsterdam. Also, the hotel did not have a Revenue Manager on its staff so looked to their Sabre Hospitality account manager for consultancy on optimizing their revenue strategy and merchandising their property better on the various distribution channels.

The Challenge

  • Room reservations coming through the GDS channel were dropping
  • Only one standard public rate had been set-up in GDS and the property’s general manager felt that they were lacking a targeted revenue strategy
  • Hotel felt they could maximize exposure to other channels as well

The SynXis Solution

  • Held a complete SynXis CR property audit with hotel staff to identify key areas for improvement
  • Consulted on setting up new rates specific for GDS as well as creating a process for updating negotiated rates
  • Restructured the rate and restrictions according to Sabre Hospitality revenue management principles
  • Highlighted location features to make property attractive as airport location as well as a near-city destination
  • Improved descriptive content in SynXis CR for all channels to better highlight hotel features

The Results

  • Room reservations made through GDS increased by 96% year-on-year
  • GDS revenue increased by more than 78% year on year
  • Overall year on year revenue growth for Q1 and Q2 was 105%

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