Sabre Hotel RFP Sunset

At this time, Sabre Hospitality has decided to not pursue Market Connect. Sabre Hotel RFP is an aging technology that no longer supports our customers. In July of 2023 Sabre Hotel RFP will be sunset.

Frequently asked questions

The product will be sunset on July 14, 2023, after which it will no longer be accessible.

Customers will have to contract directly with another RFP tool that they feel meets their needs. Other RFP tools include Vindow or Lanyon.

Historical data will not be available after July 14, 2023. Any information customers would like to remove from Sabre Hotel RFP will be available to export until the sunset date.

Just like hotel partners, buyers will have to find another RFP tool. Hotels will need to work with buyers to be sure they don’t miss future leads.

The tool is not core to our Sabre Hospitality business. By sunsetting this tool we will have more resources to devote to other products.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to help customers with these costs. As we are exiting, they will have to pay the market value for other tools.

Customers should export all information they will require after our sunset date. If there are any questions, please contact