SynXis Booking Engine

Turn your hotel’s website into an eCommerce powerhouse

The SynXis Booking Engine is a modern retailing and eCommerce engine for hotel websites. Built with a deep retail focus, it drives direct bookings by increasing engagement and triggering conversions. No matter how and where your guests access your booking engine, they’ll be delighted with the experience every time.

SynXis Booking Engine drives over 10% growth in direct bookings for hotels with deep retail focus and design flexibility that increase engagement and trigger conversions.

Boost conversions

Engage and convert shoppers to bookers using modern ecommerce features such as OTA price comparison, alternate availability, and more.

Deliver a modern eCommerce experience

Simplify the shopping flow with modern UI elements like shopping cart, rate calendar, and map view, complemented by a wide array of payment options including credit cards, debit, NetBanking, PayPal, WeChat, and many more.

Showcase your brand

Control your brand experience end-to-end with self-service customization using Booking Engine Designer, customizable booking flow, branded email templates, and integration to CRM/loyalty systems.

Elevate retailing

Enhance revenue drivers with dynamic packaging and merchandising capabilities along with native support for advanced pricing strategies through the SynXis platform.

Drive extreme localization

Localize the shopping experience with out-of-the-box support for 25+ languages, 50+ currencies, and geo-targeted promotions.

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