Stand out among the crowd.

Travel agents using the GDS are often far into the search process and ready to book. With such strong potential for conversion, how can you help your property stand out among the many other hotels in your market?

With Sabre Sponsored Property your property can be preferenced, or appear higher up, in searches for your market. Sponsored Property utilizes Sabre’s Content Services for Lodging which shops by geo-location, expanding your reach beyond just airport codes. Additionally, you can use text and graphical PromoSpots to highlight your unique offers and hotel features at different points of the agent workflow.

Utilize Sabre GDS Media campaigns to increase visibility and conversions in the highly productive Sabre GDS channel.

Sponsored Property Listings Make Up

67% of GDS Bookings

PromoSpots Campaigns Average

25:1 ROI

Product features

Maximize your revenue potential

with increased visibility to travel agents

Stay informed on your campaign performance

through frequent data reports

Optimize your ROl

by utilizing our GDS Data Team to analyze performance and make recommendations

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