SynXis Guest Experience

The industry’s only fully-integrated, unified view of your guest

SynXis Guest Experience (GX) builds a single, unified ‘golden copy’ of each guest profile, augmented with lifetime value score, and shares it across staff, systems, and operations. It feeds the golden profile to a built-in rules engine to automate personalization at multiple touchpoints.

Recognize your guests accurately

Share the ‘golden copy’ of guest profile across systems to eliminate data silos with a single source of truth, leveraging built-in integration with the SynXis platform as well as key 3rd party systems for PMS, CRM, messaging and service delivery.

Engage your guests deeply

  • Identify your most valuable customers, for deeper engagement, with quick access to their RFM scores, stay history, loyalty membership status.
  • Provide intuitive portals for hotel staff and guests to manage and share guest information consistently.
  • Engage with guests in real-time via email marketing automation, instant messaging through different channels including Twitter, WeChat, Facebook, etc.

Monetize your guests at all touchpoints

  • Increase the conversion rate and boost your bottom-line with every offer, at every touchpoint, with a rules-engine driven personalization.
  • Analyze and optimize the ROI impact of every guest touchpoint with rich, intuitive analytics built into the solution.

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John Ueberroth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Preferred Hotels & Resorts