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GDS Media

Reach the world’s most powerful travel audience

Grow bookings and revenue with increased exposure to travel buyers. Differentiate yourself from the competition, drive more revenue, and leverage unique reporting tools that enable you to track and measure results.

Reach thousands of travel agents with Sabre GDS Media

With Sabre GDS Media, you can reach over 425,000 travel agents who purchase travel daily and have a stake in creating quality travel experiences.

Sabre PromoSpots

Target travel buyers with promotions and messages, relevant to their search, at the point of decision in Sabre Red Workspace.

Sabre Hotel and Weekend Spotlight

Get to the top of the list in the Sabre Travel Marketplace and be four times more likely to be booked by travel agents who book billions of dollars in hotels each year.

Sabre Sign-in Advertising

Share customized messages with travel agents as they sign in to their Sabre workspace.

Sabre Hotsheets

Engage directly with travel agents or the end traveler through tailored email marketing opportunities.

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