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Sales Management

The philosophy behind the Nexus suite of products is simple — how can we make life easier for hotel sales teams so that sales people can spend more time selling?

The answer is Total Sales Management for Hotels, an off-the-shelf solution that combines:

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Accordion Title 1: Account Management and Sales Planning (Hotelworx®)

Account Management and Sales Planning for Hotels

Hotelworx is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) application designed with hotels in mind. It provides an easy-to-use platform for sales teams to plan and track activities, manage clients and contacts, collaborate across regions and analyze performance.

Hotelworx is:

  • Unique. The only system on the market that offers SFA with an integrated sales planning and forecasting tool.
  • Results-Focused. Room night, rate and revenue plans are stored in the system together with regular uploads of production data by account resulting in immediate variance reporting. The system also enables sales activity plans to be tracked and measured to assess individual sales manager performance.
  • Hotel only. Designed with hotels in mind and can be implemented “out of the box.” However, a high degree of field customization and client-specific terminology is offered as standard.
  • Elegant. Developed as a Rich Internet Application, Hotelworx looks and performs like a state-of-the-art desktop system. Users can drag and drop data, browse coverflow charts and move quickly around the screens. It’s a system that salespeople will want to use.

Accordion Title 2: Corporate & Consortia RFP processing (RFPworx®)

Corporate & Consortia Contracting for Hotels

RFPworx has developed over several years to a point where today it is perhaps the most advanced RFP (Request For Proposal) solution in the hotel industry. This product manages every aspect of a hotel’s contracting from the initial bid through to rate acceptance and loading into the CRS. Even the renegotiation process can be handled through the system. It is an intuitive application that measures performance, increases the probability of having bids accepted and, ultimately, improves revenue. For hotels, ease of use is a must. In RFPworx a bid response takes 5 minutes!

Nexus RFP: Corporate

Fully supporting GBTA formats, but with an array of added features and great flexibility, Nexus RFP: Corporate is a powerful application that enables hotel groups to present RFPs to their properties — and receive bids in return — with an incredible degree of customization, accuracy and control.

Nexus RFP: Consortia

Consortias change their programs every year and as they do it seems that more and more data is required from hotels. Nexus RFP: Consortia maintains current formats for all the major consortia and travel management companies minimizing any potential bid rejections. Added benefits such as hotel participation reports and automated invoicing make this a “must have” application for any hotel group.

Accordion Title 3: Group Lead management (Groupworx™)

Group Sales Leads for Hotels

A timely response under very strict deadlines is critical to success in today’s meeting, incentive, conference and event markets.

Groupworx provides a fast and effective way of sharing group leads between hotels or generating leads from regional and national group desks to individual properties using a single, easily understood format. Specific hotel location, amenity and meeting room details collected in the Nexus worXcentral database allow you to filter for the exact hotel or hotels that meet your clients’ needs. All hotel responses can be output in a ready-to-send proposal format for clients, professionally presented, including images and floor plans.

Accordion Title 4: Program & Activity organization (Shareworx™)

Program and Activity Planner for Hotels

In a fast-paced hotel sales and marketing operation, there are many critical, time-sensitive proposals that need to be reviewed and signed off by General Managers, Directors of Sales and other key decision makers from across the portfolio.

Will the hotel be joining the next international trade show? Who is attending? Do they need rooms from the block? Or a short-term rate promotion requires the hotel to quickly approve a rate and a value-added amenity. These kinds of initiatives often turn into an administrative nightmare with endless follow-up phone calls, faxes and emails to chase down non-respondents or missing information.

Shareworx is a planning and organizational tool that brings efficiency and accountability to all these tasks, enabling head office and regional managers to communicate key information to hotels in a consistent, trackable format and receive responses the same way.

Accordion Title 5: Business Qualification (Targetworx™)

Opportunity Management for Hotels

Finding new business for a hotel can sometimes feels like shooting in the dark: good prospects on paper can end up producing little or nothing in actual room nights. But for properties that are part of a hotel chain the most promising source of business is often clients with whom the group — or a sister hotel — has an existing relationship. The challenge is how to identify, target and then exploit the potential of these customers for the benefit of as many properties as possible. Nexus Targetworx is designed to do just that.

Targetworx allows hotel chains to present business opportunities to hotels based on relationships drawn from across the organization. Hotels then identify and respond to those opportunities which they believe have business potential for them by developing a simple business case and submitting it to the hotel group’s program manager for review and presentation to the client. Many hotel groups already have such a process in place, but Targetworx has some important advantages over the usual manual process.

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The Nexus suite of products is built on the versatile worXcentral™ database. All applications are available individually or integrated as a powerful whole: Total Sales Management.

Nexus also integrates with existing hotel systems such as CRS, PMS or SFA to ensure that processes are efficient and data is consistent and current.

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