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SynXis Analytics Cloud

Transform your siloed hospitality data into actionable insights

Bring your siloed hotel data to life and discover insights to grow your business. Identify obscure opportunities with the combined power of analytics, and artificial intelligence in the cloud.

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SynXis Analytics Cloud is a suite of reporting and analytics solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, built specifically for the hospitality industry. It automatically consolidates and analyzes the hotel data from operations, finances, room-stay production, and rate configurations to deliver targeted, actionable insights at a region, brand, chain or down to the rate code level.

The portfolio of SynXis Analytics Cloud entails the following solutions, each targeted at a specific strategic application of hotel and guest analytics:

SynXis Performance Insights: Reporting & analytics on hotel reservation data
SynXis Insights Studio: Self-service custom analytics studio for all of your hospitality data
SynXis Air Insights: Air travel demand trends by region to help improve hotel’s demand forecast
Data Warehousing as a Service (DWaaS): Hosting hotel’s custom data (including non-SynXis CR data) as a data warehouse in the cloud
Data Science as a Service: Advanced consulting services to implement AI, machine learning, and big data analytics for highly customized requirements for a hotel, brand or chain

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