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Consortia Services

Corporate business is a key source of revenue for hotels, but gaining access to corporate travel managers and negotiating with them directly is challenging. Consortia Services helps you Go Beyond with industry-leading hotel consortia solutions to build partnerships with corporate travel programs, increase corporate bookings, and boost business travel revenue.

Comprehensive consortia marketing for hotels

Outpacing competition requires optimal positioning on all channels, including the global distribution system (GDS), which is highly influenced and utilized by business travelers. But being listed and available on the GDS channel is not enough for hotels to ensure a fair share of business travelers in today’s competitive landscape. Consortia Services is a way for brands of all sizes, including independent hotels and small chains, to drive corporate business. With centralized tools, expert teams, and exclusive access to consortia and travel management companies (TMCs), Sabre Hospitality helps streamline consortia management for hotels.

Centralized support

Access the tools and support you need for every aspect of consortia management, including billing, GDS rate mapping, rate auditing, and RFP tools in one place.

Flexible pricing

Take advantage of special negotiated prices, discounted packages, and flexible payment options with a wide range of consortia packages to fit your business model.

Dedicated services

Leverage a dedicated support team, training sessions, market intelligence and reporting, and targeted digital marketing activities to enhance performance.

Marketing opportunities

Build relationships directly with your consortia and TMC partners through worldwide sales and marketing opportunities including global sales events.

Go Beyond complex and expensive consortia management

With Sabre’s expert consortia partnership solutions and access to centralized tools, hotel groups of all sizes can simplify consortia management and ensure rate and content integrity—becoming more effective in driving total sales growth.

Gain access to consortia and TMC hotel programs, letting you reach thousands of travel agents, corporate program managers, and their travelers. Easily navigate the traditionally complex and expensive process of gaining access to corporate travel managers with preferred agreements with the world’s top corporate travel bookers.

Increase your exposure and drive a higher average daily rate (ADR) with GDS and corporate business through industry-leading TMC and consortia partnerships. Streamline sales management and effectively drive total sales growth by using a single solution to manage all corporate contracts, sales performance, and planning across teams ​and properties.

Gain access to partnerships, services, and expertise usually reserved for larger hotel chains. Enhance performance by leveraging global sales events ​to build relationships directly with your consortia and TMC partners and using Sabre Hospitality’s industry insights and targeted marketing activities.​

Choose between Consortia Packages or a la carte selections, preferred agreements with top TMCs or niche programs, or exclusive travel programs. Find the right program for your hotel with guidance from our consortia experts, with a variety of consortia packages to fit your business model and budget.

Consortia marketing is part of a hotel’s growth strategy


Bookings generated by hotels using our Consortia Services in 2023


Shops in GDS for negotiated and consortia rates


Average higher consortia rate ADR compared to bookings generated on other rate codes

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