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Digital Marketing

When it comes to promoting a hotel’s website, there are many digital media options to consider, making it difficult for hoteliers to figure out their optimal strategy. With Digital Marketing, you can Go Beyond by leveraging Sabre Hospitality’s hotel digital marketing experts to boost brand visibility and drive business directly to your website.

Covering every aspect of digital marketing services for hotels

Direct distribution is generally lower cost of sale than indirect and lets a hotel truly own the customer experience by driving travelers to your website—making it a critical part of any hotelier’s marketing strategy. Digital Marketing offers best-in-class acquisition solutions that deliver high-quality traffic, target consumers who are most likely to convert, and drive direct bookings for hotels through every major digital acquisition channel. Access a wide range of digital marketing services to drive business to your direct channel through a single partner.

Display ads and social ads

Expand your reach with a wide range of social, video, and display placements via strategic channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and more.

Meta search and sponsored placements

Boost revenue by continually optimizing ad placement across meta search sites such as Google, Bing, trivago, Kayak, and Tripadvisor.

Paid search (PPC)

Drive qualified traffic from search engines and gain the greatest return for your ad spend with hospitality-focused PPC services.

Performance Max for travel goals

Maximize performance across Google Ads inventory including YouTube, Display, Search, Discovery, Gmail, Hotel Ads, and Maps by using advanced machine learning.

Go Beyond with experts in online marketing for hotels

While traditional marketing agencies can lack the hospitality knowledge and tools necessary to drive conversion to hotel websites, Sabre Hospitality is different. By bringing together a unique depth of hotel experience and the power of the SynXis® platform, Digital Marketing is ideal for any brand looking to drive bookings through the direct channel. By leveraging Sabre Hospitality’s team of experts to optimize your digital advertising campaigns, you can build your hotel’s online presence and drive engagement without needing to be a digital marketing expert yourself.

Maximize revenue by increasing high-margin bookings through your direct channel. Truly own the customer experience with control over your direct distribution. Incorporate data-driven strategies to place your hotel in front of potential guests and drive direct bookings through every major digital acquisition channel.

Work with digital marketing and hospitality experts who have the knowledge and tools to help you spend more strategically and focus on the right digital media options. Gain actionable insights and recommendations to optimize campaign spend and see better returns—with a 7x average return on ad spend.​

Leverage full-funnel digital marketing to engage potential guests in the discovery phase with display ads and social media ads, or ready-to-book guests with meta search, paid search (PPC), or sponsored placement. Increase visibility and drive conversions through digital campaigns for target demographics across all digital touchpoints.

Drive better results with your hotel’s digital marketing


Average return on ad spend (ROAS) for metasearch


Average ROAS for Performance Max for travel goals


Average ROAS for display and social media


Average ROAS for paid search

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