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Channel Connect

Managing your hotel’s revenue strategy can be difficult, especially when multiple channels and online travel agencies (OTAs) are involved. The Channel Connect solution from Sabre Hospitality helps you Go Beyond, accelerating your time to revenue with advanced distribution made simple.

Built to streamline hotel distribution management

OTAs are one of the largest opportunities for hotels to market their products and drive reservations. But onboarding and managing these channels can be burdensome with standard hotel channel managers—which are often siloed, complex, and make it difficult to maintain parity because only industry standard message sets are available to all.

Channel Connect offers a better alternative. By centralizing management of multiple properties, Channel Connect gives you one location to deploy your revenue strategy across your choice of more than 600+ channels. Backed by the power of the SynXis® Central Reservation System, Channel Connect supports advanced revenue management strategies with a single system of record, helping you quickly make updates across multiple properties and expand your reach while streamlining work.

Ease of connectivity

With OTA Channel Activation Wizard, certified API connections, and OTAStream, you can manage promotions, availability, rates, and inventory from a single point of distribution.

Automated distribution

Drive speed and accuracy with multiple automation features including dynamic rate and availability, inventory allocation, rate parity, and automated content sync.

Intuitive UI

Simplify distribution management with the user-friendly OTA Channel Activation Dashboard.

Rich insights

Rely on rich data and reporting to inform your distribution strategy and improve guest experiences with OTA Intelligence actionable insights and seamless delivery of reservation information to your CRS.

Go Beyond standard multi-channel distribution

When it comes to distribution, hoteliers often spend time on tedious deployment and channel updates, leaving little time to analyze, plan, and focus on what matters most—your guests. Backed by the SynXis CRS, Channel Connect empowers you to confidently maintain and expand your distribution, simplify your management, and reach guests where they shop.

Manage changes confidently with automated distribution, easy-to-access insights, and a single system of record. Connect to 600+ channels with unmatched flexibility for advanced pricing and revenue management strategies.

Quickly respond to changing market dynamics and reduce time to market for new channels via Sabre’s Channel Activation Wizard. Update channels with speed, accuracy, and confidence through certified APIs.

Gain unmatched access to global, local, regional, and niche distribution channels via secure, certified connections. Create a competitive advantage with advanced pricing, packaging, and inventory capabilities for a variety of OTA connectivity models.

Accelerate growth with Channel Connect


Global and regional OTA channels connected via Channel Connect


OTA shops daily


Bookings processed via Channel Connect in 2023

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